Our Life as Shut-Ins (and how we’re thankful for it)

I’ve been married to my husband for almost 7 years. We’ve been living in our home for almost 7 years. I’ve lived in this small town outside of Charlotte, NC for almost 9 years.

Why is this significant?

Because we don’t socialize around here. At all.

It’s not that we haven’t tried. Oh have we tried. But it’s been extremely difficult to find families that have the same values, interests, and who are in the same “family dynamic” as us. We lost many of our relationship due to being the first to have children, being the only SAHM, and changing churches. We’ve tried all sorts of groups and programs, but because our lives seem to different so dramatically from those we come in contact with-it’s tough to continue the relationship and it tends to fizzle out. We even went to a church for over two years and every Sunday people would come and welcome us as first time visitors…this is after signing up month after month to volunteer with whatever they needed and never getting the call to help. Yeah. We don’t go there anymore.

Our lack of socializing is not the point of this post. I just wanted to point out HOW LONG we’ve been living this way. It was the whole reason I turned to blogging as an outlet. I needed to know I wasn’t crazy for choosing to stay home. Or homeschool. Or have more than two children. Or only have one car that I rarely get to use due to my husband’s crazy work schedule. Or submit to my husband. Or to not party. Etc. etc. etc. Continue Reading

My Reflections of a Rough 2014 (I still managed to find the blessings among the chaos)



Since yesterday we looked forward to 2015, I thought today’s post should be a look back on 2014. This was a tough year. Financially hardships, almost losing our home, my hubby almost losing his job, too many anxiety flare ups to count, relationships strained, trust lost, having to see an OBGYN office that I’m not fond of, having to sell our second car, etc. etc. etc. So much negative happened that it’s almost hard to see the good or the lesson’s learned. But I would be doing the Lord a disservice if I did not give credit to the blessings that have happened this year. Continue Reading

My 2015 Goals for a More Set Apart Life

2015 Goals

Ah, yes. It would be that time of year ladies and gents, where we all make the required list of things we plan to accomplish in the new year, yet bail on them by January 15th.

Not this year. Not this lady.  Continue Reading