Why I Blow Up Instagram and FB with Food Photos…

Some people love it. Some people hate it. The “Food Photo”. Many think that it’s pretty stupid to take photos of your food-but I do not. But not for the reason you may think. I am not a totally gnarly hipster foodie, I don’t claim to be an amazing chef, and I’m not anything with the words “hip”, “cool”, or “trendy”. I don’t take photos to gloat about my new healthy lifestyle or try to make people think I’m someone that I’m not. I take photos of my food for completely different reasons.


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Treasured Tuesdays: Healthy Family Edition


How about some non-beauty loves this week? I’ve recently been overhaulin’ my pantry and such, to get back on track with me eating. I’ll be honest, I struggle big time with staying on track with this. But I’m not letting that stop be from continued effort. I’ve started back with my Insanity workout, cut out sodas, and threw away all of my convenience food junk in the trash. When life gets busy and tough, my good eating habits are always the first to go. But I think I’ve been dealing with things a lot better, and my husband has really jumped on board with the encouragement I need to keep on pushin’ on.

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Beat the Heat Healthy Milkshake

It’s hot, ya’ll. Like sweat lodge hot, here in the south. And when it’s hot, there’s nothing better than a yummy milkshake to cool ya down. Problem is, these milkshakes typically pack a big fat zero in the nutrition department. But never fear my lovelies, I have a recipe to solve that dilemma.

Beat the Heat Milkshake

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New Love: Cover Girl Colorlicious Lipgloss

Cover Girl Colorlicious 1

After hitting up my local Walgreens to get some beauty reads, I came across a display for these new Cover Girl Colorlicious lip glosses. Its been a good while since I purchased anything from Cover Girl, to be honest, but the sleek packaging a wide range of colors really drew me in. They have a pretty good selection ranging from nudes to vibrant violets and pinks, to saturated reds. I only picked up two, a bright orange and a muted, shimmery coral.

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Spring Edit: Blush Edition

Spring Edit: Blushes

Whoa whoa whoa. What happened to Treasured Tuesday? In a lack of words-I simply forgot. There are times where I simply forget what day of the week it is, thanks to staying at home. My days tend to run together, because I am only accountable to myself. It can definitely be a problem sometimes. No worries! I’ve got an awesome post to bring to you today! My Spring Edit: Blushes!!!

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