New Love: Cover Girl Colorlicious Lipgloss

Cover Girl Colorlicious 1

After hitting up my local Walgreens to get some beauty reads, I came across a display for these new Cover Girl Colorlicious lip glosses. Its been a good while since I purchased anything from Cover Girl, to be honest, but the sleek packaging a wide range of colors really drew me in. They have a pretty good selection ranging from nudes to vibrant violets and pinks, to saturated reds. I only picked up two, a bright orange and a muted, shimmery coral.

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Spring Edit: Lips


Now that Spring is actually here in NC, and its not just a little phrase to throw around, a lot can finally change. With the earth all around getting an upgrade, so does my makeup routine. My lips are always the first to get their “Welcome Back Sun” makeover. I gravitate towards corals and plums in a big way. Here are my top lip products for the season.

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Beauty in All Things…

Nope, this post isn’t about my beloved Cha-nay-nay…I just inserted that photo for aesthetic purposes. The point of this post is just to say hi, again. I started this blog a few months ago, then my laptop decided to try and catch on fire. No comp, no blog. So it laid here in purgatory-until tonight.

This blog is going to be a miss-match of everything I adore- makeup, health, fitness, mommyhood. No rhyme or reason…just sharing the things I like.

No turning back.

This is it.

No playing games.

Welcome to my world.


All my love,

Dominique B.