Looking like a million bucks for pennies…

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I love luxury brands. Chanel, By Terry, Tom Ford, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown…

Oh the list goes on and on! When I walk into the department store, I’m begin to act like my kids in the toy aisle of Walmart. My eyes pretty much bug outta my head at all the pretty colors, textures, and packaging. And don’t even get me started on when new collections come out. I typically walk out of the store with what seems like some sort of skin disease from all of the swatching I do.

But alas, most days I can not bring any of these pretties home for my wallet is way too skinny.

You too might feel that any high end brand is out of reach for your wallet too. But what if I told you that I could introduce you to a way of finding these products for a tad bit cheaper? Looking for a hard-to-find LE item? I can help with that too!

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