covergirl6 Well hello, lovelies! I’m so excited that you found my little space and decided to stay a while!

My name is Dominique Burleson and I live right outside of Charlotte, NC. I’m an ex-military brat who met her beloved in an extremely small town and decided to stay…just for a while. We now long for the mountains of Asheville and we are doing some serious praying to get us there!

This blog is home to where I share my heart about being a mama, homemaker, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and writer all while keeping Christ’s values tucked deeply within my heart. I share my triumphs and struggles in hopes that it will encourage, inspire, and uplift those who need it most. My desire is to be a beacon of light to mamas everywhere who are trying to live by the Word, yet are feeling the pull and even the squish of the world.

As a mama of 3 with another on the way in March, I understand how living a bit “differently” can attract all kinds of attention! We home-school, cloth diaper, don’t vaccinate, co-sleep, do long-term breastfeeding, natural birth, and many other “weird” things on top of being a conservative Christian family! This blog is here to create a community of like-minded ladies who can feel alone among their four walls.

I’ve been blogging off and on for about 4 years, as well as writing guest posts, reviews, and contributing articles for various blogs including Little House Living. I am now on my own journey of writing, and I also have a novel that’s in the middle stages of production. I’ve put writing on the back-burner for too long, and with the push of those around me, and some diving inspiration-here I am!

For future reference:
This blog is a for-profit blog that accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. Some of the links might be affiliate links. Although compensation may be made in the form of cash, products, or services-the views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. I only represent companies that I feel truly wonderful about and will give my most honest belief on those topics or products. Content may not be republished without permission.

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