New beginnings and finally calling myself an ‘Author’…

Ah yes. It’s been quite a long time since I have sat here and pushed out a post. But alas, here I am. The Burleson family has been without internet for a few weeks, and it has put some things in perspective. The Lord has seriously grabbed at my heart-strings on things that are important-and things that are not.

One thing is my family. I’ve been reading a few mama books (that I’ll review at a later date), that have truly inspired me to take account of wasted time in our home. There are so many chances to create memories with our littles, yet it gets wasted on the mundane and unimportant junk. For example-car rides. Typically if it’s just me in the car with the kiddos, I don’t say much because I like the just “be with my thoughts”. I decided to change this. I took my daughter out for our new monthly bookstore trips and we talked the entire time. She’s only 5 but she shared some things with me that made me feel like I was talking with a friend. There was so much peace in that vehicle I felt like I could have just driven around for hours. Definitely a beautiful moment.

Also, there’s the breakfast table. I tend to want to rush through breakfast to get to my chores, but listening to my three little people converse with daddy and I-just wow! They have so much so say, and our little dude, Cashe, has us cracking up most mornings. Why have I been taking this for granted?

Then there’s my marriage. It’s no secret that I came into this relationship with baggage, and I’m still working on it. One of them is not trusting my lover with my hurts. I tend to shy away from really opening up about my heart and my anxiety (another post entirely). Lately though, I’ve been spilling the beans and have watched my timid husband rise to the occasion of being my strength or praying over me for the Lord’s strength when his is not enough. I’ve thought for a long time that he was just not the kind of guy I could be vulnerable with-but boy was I wrong. A serious weight has been lifted and our marriage is thriving more and more each day. We’re on the same team, it’s a lesson that we have never put into practice, but it has made such a difference.

Lastly has been with my writing. A few years back the Lord laid on my heart a project to do. A book that is. Call me crazy, but it was a serious “calling” moment. Instead of embracing it, I did what Jonah did and I fled. Since then, I have really felt like I’ve been in the belly of a great fish. Everything seemed to call me back to writing, but I just wasn’t committed. I can’t run any longer. It’s becoming too painful. So that’s why I’m here. I’ve been working on the book for quite a while, but I felt that I also needed to establish myself more as a writer, and stop looking at it as just a hobby. My dad is always saying where your passion and strengths collide is where you need to be-so that’s what I’m doing. I feel like writing is for “Dominique” outside of being mama, wife, homemaking, etc. It’s that little ember that’s in my heart and it just won’t go out. I no longer feel like taking the time to write each day is selfish. This is my therapy! Getting my thoughts on paper stops the negative in my head and allows me to BE better for my family. *sigh* It sounds all kinds of magical, and if you’re a writer-you’ll totally get it.


I hope that you’ll stick around for all that’s in store here. Be Fruitfull has become a way of thinking. Making each movement of the day that of value to bear good fruit, while learning to prune off the deadness that weighs you down. And no, Be Fruitfull isn’t just about having a bunch of babies, although I can see where I would make you think that (baby #4 due March 2015!)


I love each and every one of you that took the time to stop, and read this. Praying it blesses you in some way, as it had blessed me to share.




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