New Love: Cover Girl Colorlicious Lipgloss

Cover Girl Colorlicious 1

After hitting up my local Walgreens to get some beauty reads, I came across a display for these new Cover Girl Colorlicious lip glosses. Its been a good while since I purchased anything from Cover Girl, to be honest, but the sleek packaging a wide range of colors really drew me in. They have a pretty good selection ranging from nudes to vibrant violets and pinks, to saturated reds. I only picked up two, a bright orange and a muted, shimmery coral.


The bright orange is Succulent Citrus, and the coral is Give Me Guava. I am honestly impressed with these. They have a silky smooth texture and no obnoxious smell. They glide on very easily and the pigmentation is sheer, but not pointless.


This is Succulent Citrus on me. This is becoming a favorite. It gives a little pop of color with very little maintenance. No stickiness, and no clumping on the lips. I would even go as far as saying these are a bit moisturizing. They feel really good on.


This is Give me Guava. On me, this is a “my lips but better” color. The shimmer is incredibly fine, so much so, that you can barely feel it on the lips. This color is a great no-fuss everyday lip for me. I can see getting much use out of this on its own, and as a topper for other lipsticks.

All in all-I plan on getting more. I paid $6.99 at Walgreens, and I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality for such little pennies. No, they’re not opaque-but the feel on the lips is what really won me over. I have plenty of thick, pigmented lip glosses in my collection, but not many that feel like this. This is boarder-lining like a thin lip balm. No joke.

Check these out and let me know what you think!

Much love,

Dominique B.

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