Spring Edit: Blush Edition

Spring Edit: Blushes

Whoa whoa whoa. What happened to Treasured Tuesday? In a lack of words-I simply forgot. There are times where I simply forget what day of the week it is, thanks to staying at home. My days tend to run together, because I am only accountable to myself. It can definitely be a problem sometimes. No worries! I’ve got an awesome post to bring to you today! My Spring Edit: Blushes!!!

For me, I tend to focus on one part of my face when I do my makeup. Bold lips, bold eyes, bold cheeks. I rarely do more than just one stand-out product on my face. I just don’t think my features handle much more, very well. For Spring, I adore really flushed cheeks. If I’m doing more of a bolder eye or lip, then I adore a bit of a glow. That’s why I chose these products.

1. Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Libido. This looks rather scary, but if you use just the tiniest bit, you get that “just-worked-out” flush to the cheeks. It’s beautiful! Blend! Blend! Blend! That’s really the key. This would also look incredible on ebony skin as well. This cheek with a little gloss and a little winged liner is just classic. It has great staying power too.

2. Chanel Le Blush Créme De Chanel in 69 Intonation. This blush is slightly pinker and a little easier to wear than the Illamasqua one. It still gives a lovely flush and blends like a dream. For my cream blushes, I find using a stippling brush works best. Taking very little product from the back of my hand then buffing it into the cheeks. My favorite brush at the moment for this is the Chanel #7.

3. Chanel Joues Contraste in 55 In Love. Beautiful. I simply can’t rave about this blush enough. Slight shimmer, easy application, and gives the perfect glow-especially in sunlight.

4. Milani Baked Blush in 05 Luminoso. I am so late to jump on this train. I have no idea why I waited to long to get this. And I didn’t even purchase this myself! I received this in a swap, and I am so glad I did. In pan, this looks similar to In Love, but this is a bit more shimmery and coral toned. Yet in sunlight, they give a similar effect. This blush is buttery, easy to blend, and an amazing product all around-especially for a drugstore blush. My favorite way to apply this is with my Tarte blush brush. This came in a kit awhile ago, so I’m not sure if it’s part of their permanent collection.

5. Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in 100 Pinched. For a “no makeup, makeup look” this is my HG. Super easy to blend in the skin, it just makes my skin look really healthy. Also, this is a perfect base for the Milani and Chanel powder blushes if I want more staying power. Another great use is for a bit of a lip tint. I have been reaching for this quite often, and I have yet to be disappointed.


So reds and coraly peaches are my favorite cheek colors for spring-what’s some of your favorites?

Much Love,

Dominique B.

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