Breakfast of Champions: Healthy Fast Food?

Breakfast of Champions I love me some green smoothies. No, seriously. I LOVE a green smoothie. Funny cause I don’t really like green foods. Well, I don’t really like cooked green foods. Raw is another story, and another post. Today we’re talking smoothies. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get good nutrition into your system. My kids (and hubby!) are pretty picky when it comes to veggies, so smoothies and juices are a huge staple in our household. We have these as meals quite a few times during the week, if not once a day. If you’re seriously looking for a “healthy fast food” this is your best bet. There’s a million different varieties, but I’m gonna show you the fastest way to make a super scrumptious green smoothie.

Easy Green Smoothie Simply, pick out your favorite frozen fruit. I get a HUGE bag from Walmart that costs around eight dollars. It’s a mixed blend with strawberries, pineapples, mangoes, and peaches. No added sugar-just fruit. Then I take baby spinach leaves and shove about one-two handfuls in the glass. Fill halfway with water and blend! I even add a few teaspoons of chia seeds for added omegas. What makes this so healthy? First off, let’s talk about sugar content. No refined sugar here! Yay! Think of white sugar (the cooked down, pharmaceutical grade version of cane sugar) as the equivalent of cocaine (the cooked down, pharmaceutical grade version of the cocoa leaf). It’s that serious. Look up all the bad qualities of white refined sugar. It’s not what you want in your body. Think you don’t eat sugar for breakfast? If you have any sort of white bread or cereal in the mornings-it turns to sugar in your system. Plain and simple. Now back to the good stuff. No refined sugar. No additives. No artificial dyes. No propylene glycol (its in your blueberry muffins. It’s also used de-ice aircrafts). No artificial colors (most anything that’s packaged has colorings. Even if the product is white!). NO JUNK. What this breakfast is, is a breakfast of champions. And you my dear, are a champion. Spinach alone contains lutein, chlorophyll, vitamin A, C and E (one of only four veggies that are high in Vitamin E). It also contains choline, which is amazing for mental functions. The fruit used here is a great combonation of anti-cancer, antiviral, antioxidant powerhouse, chalk full of vitamins A and C, boron, niacin, and iron. THIS is what you what to fuel your body with each morning. Need something a tad bit more sweet? Add in a banana. This will also help to fill you up. I love my smoothies a bit tart so I omit the banana most days. Breakfast of Champions Green fuel. Now be warned, all blenders are not created equal. My Ninja was never able to get a smoothie (especially one with spinach) this smooth. My Nutribullet arises to the task each and every day. If you can’t afford the beloved Viatmix, I highly recommend this blender!   What does this all have to do with beauty? It’s beauty from the inside out, my love. Feed your body what it needs and see your skin transform. Breakouts, dull skin, dark circles-these can all be related to lack of nutrition. If you are dealing with any of these issues (or you just don’t think your skin is looking the best) start working on your food! You’ll be amazed at all kinds of transformations you’ll see!   Till next time, Dominique B.

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