Looking like a million bucks for pennies…

Blog Sales


I love luxury brands. Chanel, By Terry, Tom Ford, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown…

Oh the list goes on and on! When I walk into the department store, I’m begin to act like my kids in the toy aisle of Walmart. My eyes pretty much bug outta my head at all the pretty colors, textures, and packaging. And don’t even get me started on when new collections come out. I typically walk out of the store with what seems like some sort of skin disease from all of the swatching I do.

But alas, most days I can not bring any of these pretties home for my wallet is way too skinny.

You too might feel that any high end brand is out of reach for your wallet too. But what if I told you that I could introduce you to a way of finding these products for a tad bit cheaper? Looking for a hard-to-find LE item? I can help with that too!

Doing some digging on IG, I was immersed into the land of blog sales. Oh. Em. Gee. I cannot begin to tell you how time this little discovery has stolen for me. And sleep? Who needs that? I’m up nursing most hours of the night anyways, what’s a few less hours? Believe me. If you’re into the beauty world at all-this will change your life.

See those pretties in the above picture? Yup. All from IG. That gorgeous Laura Mercier pallet? I got brand spanking new for about $15 more than retail. Have you seen these on ebay? Over $100 easy. Those Mac paint pots? Lightly swatched from the Alexander McQueen collection in 2005! (Correct me if that’s the wrong year) I paid LESS than retail for those beauties. You would be shocked the amazing treasures you can find on IG. If you’re a Mac lover, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t be searching on there. Many girls are selling LE and even permanent collection items for awesome prices.

And yes, sometimes people are horrible and attempt to sell fakes. Good news? If you pay through PayPal (NOT FRIENDS AND FAMILY) you’re still covered. Also, may girls on IG are pretty much experts in the makeup world and don’t like sellers who try to sell fake items. They’re usually taken down pretty quickly.

So how do you go about finding these gems on the WWW??

Here are some hashtags to start off with:





You can also check these sellers out. These are just a few of my person favorites:








There are plenty more great sellers, but these are just the few I’ve bought from numerous times and I just love them!

So that’s my secret to getting awesome deals on great products.

What’s your tips? How do you stay looking fly on a budget??


All my love,

Dominique B.

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